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Editing calendar permissions Office 365 with powershell

After adding a new user into Office 365, the user has to be allowed to read/write some shared calendars withing the organization.

First of all you will need to connect to Office 365

Add permission to the calendar

[codesyntax lang="powershell"]

Add-MailboxFolderPermission calendar@company.com:\Calendar -User dude@company.com -AccessRights Author


Note: AccessRights can be: Owner, PublishingEditor, Editor, PublishingAuthor, Author, NonEditingAuthor, Reviewer, Contributor, AvailabilityOnly, LimitedDetails

Get permission for a specific users

[codesyntax lang="powershell"]

Get-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity calendar@company.com:\Calendar -User dude@company.com


To remove permissions for a specific user:

[codesyntax lang="powershell"]

Remove-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity calendar@company:\calendar -user dude@company.com




What if you need to change the calendar permissions for all users within your organization?!

[codesyntax lang="powershell"]

$allmailbox = Get-Mailbox -Resultsize Unlimited

Foreach ($Mailbox in $allmailbox)
    $path = $Mailbox.alias + ":\" + (Get-MailboxFolderStatistics $Mailbox.alias | Where-Object { $_.Foldertype -eq "Calendar" } | Select-Object -First 1).Name
    Set-mailboxfolderpermission –identity ($path) –user Default –Accessrights AvailabilityOnly


How to create an organization calendar in Office 365

Recently I migrated company's email to Microsoft Office 365. Because I haven't worked before with Office 365 the process wasn't so easy as I expected initially, but after passing all challenges, I got it done. Next challenge was to create a company calendar so every user can use it. There are few posts on the web that teaches you how to accomplish this task, but none of them was complete as I intend this post to be.

Note: You will need a Windows machine... (I know this sucks, but there is nothing you can do about this).

Well, let's get to work.

First thing to do is to download some  packages that we will going to use to get this task done!

1. Connect to Office 365

2. Create a new mailbox called "Organization Calendar" (you can choose whatever name you like, of course):
[codesyntax lang="powershell"]

New-Mailbox -Name "Organization Calendar" -Alias OrganizationCalendar -Shared
Add-MailboxFolderPermission OrganizationCalendar@organization.com:\Calendar -User user@organization.com -AccessRights Author


3. Go to the Calendar view

01. Calendar view

4. Right click on OTHER CALENDARS and choose open calendar

02. Open the Organization Calendar

5. In the From Directory field search for Organization Calendar created above and click Open.

03. Open the Organization Calendar

That's it!