Clean up whisper database

Ending up on this page means that you already know that whisper is not that disk space efficient.
Unless you have unlimited┬ádisk space, which you don’t have, at some point you would want to clean it up.

This is how I am doing it:

1. Delete old metrics of ours that haven’t been written to for over 90 days

# just to satisfy my curiosity: how much disk space I will gain
find /data/db/whisper/ -name "*wsp" -mtime +90 -exec echo -n -e {}"\0" \; | du -hc --files0-from=-
# delete the files!
find /data/db/whisper/ -type f -mtime +90 -name "*wsp" -exec rm '{}' \;

2. Delete empty directories

# how many do we have?
find /data/db/whisper/ -type d -empty | wc -l
# remove them!
find /data/db/whisper/ -type d -empty -delete

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