Encrypt your traffic from your Android device using a ssh tunnel

As I said with a previous ocasion in China the goverment is filtering the internet traffic (including mobile trafic, dohh) so you can't access different websites and/or services and this thing is very annoying. Well, what do you have to do if you want to navigate to youtube.com for instance? Hmmm... you will have to encrypt your traffic somehow. Bellow I will tell you what do you need and how to accomplish this from your Android device.

First of all you will need a ssh server configured somewhere outside China (preferably on a different port).

After getting a ssh server, you will need to download from Android Market the SSH Tunnel application written by MAX LV.

All you have to do is to complete Host, Port, User and Password filds and thick Use socks proxy, Enable GFW List, Enable DNS Proxy (this one is extremly important) options.

That's it!

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