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How to transfer all contacts from Nokia E71 to an android device

1. Enable Bluetooth on both phones.
2. Make the android device visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices.
3. On Nokia phone mark all contacts and send them as Business card via Bluetooth to the android device.
4. On android device go to contacts and import all vcf files

How to transfer SMSs from Nokia E71 to Android

1. First of all install Nokia Ovi Suite version 2.1.1 (newer versions have a problem generating sqlite database) and sync messages.
2. Download and install Nokia2AndroidSMS.
3. Copy file C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\AppData\Local\Nokia\Nokia Data Store\DataBase\MDataStore.db3 where you installed Nokia2AndroidSMS and press Convert.
4. A new file called sms_All Phones.xml will be generated. This file is supported by the SMS Backup & Restore Android application.